Commercial Services

A clean business/work environment is vital to impressing customers and employees. Working within a clean work environment also promotes healthy morale for your employees as well as a professional image for your company. When you have us clean your business, our experienced office cleaning staff will provide your company with a spotless cleaned environment every time we are finished with the job. Whether your company demands daily, weekly, or a monthly cleaning contract, we can customize the unique plan to suite the needs of your company. If you are interested in a Free estimate please contact us via our website through the request a estimate form, or call our local office at 708-699-DUST (3878)

Basic Cleaning Of your Office
  • Trash collection, removal, and recycling
  • Vacuuming
  • Horizontal surface dusting
  • Sweeping, mopping and polishing of floors
  • Wipe and disinfect doorknobs, telephones and light switches
  • Stair and elevator cleaning
  • Entrance, reception area, and foyer cleaning
  • Kitchen and lounge area cleaning including sinks, countertops, microwaves, toasters, and refrigerators
  • Restroom cleaning and disinfecting
  • Sanitizing of all restroom fixtures, sinks, partitions, walls, etc.
  • High dusting
  • Wall and carpet spot removal
  • Air condition vent cleaning (usually once a months)
  • Blind cleaning
  • Cleaning of light fixtures, baseboards, millwork, etc.
  • Window washing (upon request, additional fee may apply)
  • Floor stripping and refinishing (upon request, additional fee may apply)
  • Carpet cleaning (upon request, additional fee may apply)